Sugar & Spice Spa Birthday Party

“Sugar and spice and everything nice that is what little girls are made of” is the poem that inspired me to create a candy and sweet themed spa party for a young lady named Amanda who was turning eight years old.

What is better than candy, sweets, nail polish and lip gloss for a little girl’s birthday party? My vision was to create a spa that looked and smelled like candy. The idea sounded easy, but took months of planning and a lot of creativity! I had a small budget to work with so I created most of the decorations myself from items around my house like empty wrapping paper tubes, flower pots and cardboard that were made into giant lollipops. Rolls of cotton left over from Christmas decorating were spray painted with food coloring to create faux cotton candy and ice cream cones! Inexpensive craft and party supplies like paper lanterns, cellophane, ribbon, paper and BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers were used to create gumball and cupcake lined walkways around the house that led guests to different areas of the spa party.

The spa party was broken into six different areas throughout the house, including the candy lounge, the chocolate facial station, the cotton candy hair tinsel area, ice cream scented manicures, make your own candy flavored lip gloss area, and the party room. The candy lounge was where the girls drank cotton candy drinks and ate from the candy buffet while they waited for their spa treatments. Real chocolate facials made from a free recipe found online were hard to resist being licked off as they were being applied to the girl’s faces at the chocolate facial station. The room was filled with the scent of cotton candy perfume as this was sprayed into the girl’s hair after sparkly hair tinsel was woven into their locks! Ice cream scented nail polish (found at a drug store) was applied in an area that looked like an ice cream shop, decorated with a huge ice cream cone made from paper, BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers and rolls of cotton.

After the spa treatments were done, the girls got to create their own candy flavored lip glass that also severed as one of the party favors to take home. The recipe was found free online and was really easy to make. Flavored and sweetened powdered drink mix, petroleum jelly and some edible sparkles were the only ingredients needed! I purchased small metal tins to hold the lip gloss that the girls labeled and decorated with BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers and jeweled stickers. It was so much fun to make and tasted great on their lips!

At the end of party the, pizza, cake and ice cream were served in the party room that was decorated with bright colors and lollipop/gumball filled centerpieces. Candy necklaces and button candy were used to decorate the chandelier, chairs and table. Inexpensive paper streamers covered the walls to look like candy canes and name tags created with BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers were added to lollipops as place cards. No sweet detail was overlooked! The birthday girl Amanda and her friends had a wonderful time at the Sugar and Spice Spa party. Everyone left smiling, relaxed, and a with a goody bag full of sweets!

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