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BIC Frequently Asked Questions

BIC Permanent Markers

Q. Where are Permanent Markers sold?
A. BIC Marking™ Permanent Markers are sold in the Writing Instrument/Stationery aisle in most major retailers including office supply super stores, grocery and drug stores.

Q. I just need 1 or a couple of Permanent Marker colors, where can I find these individual markers?
A. Go to to find the individual BIC Marking™ Permanent Markers you are looking for.

Q. Is the price of Permanent Marker comparable to the competition?
A. The cost of a permanent marker is comparable to or less than the competition. In addition, permanent markers mark on most surfaces and offer a grip for comfort and control.

Q. Can I use the Permanent Markers on clothes or fabrics?
A. The product information on the back of our packaging does state that the BIC Marking™ Permanent Markers are not recommended for use on cloth, as they will wash out after a few washes. We suggest you visit a fabric store for a marker that can be used specifically on cloth or fabric.

Q. If I accidentally get Permanent Marker on clothing or another surface, is there a way to remove the ink?
A. We recommend rubbing alcohol. If the ink is on clothing, place an absorbent paper towel or rag under the stain. Then gently dab the stain with rubbing alcohol using another rag or paper towel. Repeat this process until the stain is removed, then launder as usual. If the ink is on anything other than clothing, dab the rubbing alcohol directly on the stain and then wipe off with a clean paper towel or rag. You might need to do this a few times depending on the size of the stain.

Important: A word of caution before trying any of the methods suggested: some surfaces and fabrics may be damaged by rubbing alcohol. If in doubt, test on a "hidden" area first.

Q. How to blend Permanent Markers.
A. BIC Marking™ Permanent Markers can be blended, lightened and diluted using a product called an alcohol blending solution. Alcohol blending solutions come in bottles with a precision tip that can either be dropped directly onto surfaces decorated with BIC Marking™ Permanent Markers, or dabbed/rubbed over the colors using a piece of felt. This method creates a lighter blended look, while dripping the product directly creates a more diluted look.

To blend BIC Marking™ Permanent markers, first decorate any surface that the markers work on such as glass, metal, plastic, foils and coated paper. Once your design is finished, decide what kind of look you want for your design, and either drip the alcohol blending solution directly onto the surface, or dab/rub it on with some felt. Let it dry to reveal your blended masterpiece!

Please note that blending is challenging for a first time user. Should you decide to use an alcohol blending solution, please be sure to follow the directions and heed any warnings provided by the manufacturer.