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Leaf Napkin Ring

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  • BIC Marking Permanent Markers
  • BIC® Mechanical Pencil
  • 4 brown pipe cleaners
  • Orange foam sheet
  • Alcohol blending solution
  • A real leaf to trace
  • Craft scissors
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks


  • Trace the leaf onto the orange foam sheet with a BIC® Mechanical Pencil. Color in the leaf using BIC Marking Permanent Markers. Choose fall colors such as Harvest Orange and Woodsy Brown to create a realistic looking fall leaf.
  • To blend the colors together, add a few drops of an alcohol blending solution and rub together until you get your desired effect.
  • Once the leaf is dry, go back and add details to the leaf using a BIC Marking Permanent Marker.
  • Carefully, cut out the leaf and set aside.
  • Create the napkin ring out the pipe cleaners by twisting them together to create a ring.
  • Carefully, hot glue the leaf onto the ring and let dry.

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